Freshpaint art fair

Freshpaint art fair. Velodrome, Tel Aviv, Israel.

"The Independent Artists’ Greenhouse" Exhibition. 21-26 October 2021. 

12 Textile paintings. Shredding textile waste to fibers, Arranging fibers and yarns, Needle felting. 2021.

The Independent Artists’ Greenhouse is an original model developed by Freshpaint, showcasing each year new, full bodies of work by promising, unrepresented artists at the beginning of their professional career.
As part of the group of the Independent Artists’ Greenhouse, Dana exhibited a series of 12 modern interpretations of canonic still life paintings from the Dutch Golden Age.

She used needle felting technique, based on an innovative process she developed for recycling textile waste, producing new textiles from discarded knits.

At first, sorting old knits into groups by color and then shredding each color separately to monochromatic fibers. Those fibers are functioned as a color palette, a new version of the traditional oil colors.

Each work starts by arranging the fibers into broad blots of color and placing threads to define the shapes.

Her choice to deal with still life paintings is meant to elevate nature.
Fast fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Dana wishes the bring a new cycle of life to discarded clothes, to elevate their value, and deem them a worthy material with which to create a work of art. 

Additionally part of the series, is a painting named “City Growth- Chile” painting. It is concerned with the overtaking of agricultural plots by processes of urbanization all around the globe. As the daughter of a farmer who experienced this process firsthand, Dana become sensitive to this issue. Having worked as a decoder of aerial photographs during her military service, She used aerial photograph of Chile that reveal the changes on the ground.