Dana Cohen, is an artist and fashion designer who graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in 2015 with excellence, and currently an MFA student in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

In her artistic practice, Cohen deals with sustainability and the intricate relationship between humanity and nature, as well as the social and environmental issues in the current Anthropocene geological epoch. She aims to cultivate an awareness of the actions taken by authorities that impact our planet.

Worn Again (2015), her first award - winning collection, introduces an innovative environment-friendly approach to textile manufacturing. 

In the year of 2014 Cohen developed an innovative process for recycling textile waste; sorting used knits by color, shredding them into natural and synthetic monochromatic fibers and felting them. The result is a spectacular recycled textile in a wide variety of unique colors and patterns, which are then integrated with new knits. The textiles are soft to touch. Cohen is driven to make a positive impact on society, by creating sustainable and beautiful garments that last.

City Growth, her second award - winning collection was launched on the runway of Tel Aviv Fashion Week in March 2018 and on the runway of Vietnam International Fashion Week in April 2018.
The collection was part of a "fashion statements" exhibition in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem in 2019.

Cohen is concerned with the overtaking and marginalization of agricultural plots by processes of urbanization, as a daughter of a farmer who experienced this process firsthand. Nowadays nature is being pushed to the margins in the face of polluting industries, most notably the fashion industry. Out of this belief, she gives old clothing a new life cycle and restore their value.

Additionally, Cohen engages in the repurposing of discarded plastic products found within construction sites, and also plastic bags which are associated with self-consumption. Through the transformative act of ironing, she address the issue of global warming. Cohen attempts to shed light on a renewal potential and regeneration.

Honors and Awards

  • Fini Leitersdorf Excellence Award for Creativity and Originality in Fashion for 2015.

  • Rozen Award for Design and Sustainable Technologies for 2015.

  • Mifal Hapais - the Israeli Lottery Company Fashion Design Award for 2018. 


  • Material Library, design Museum Holon. Textile catalogue is part of the library collection. 2016 - present.

  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
    "City Growth" painting, "Soft Worlds"exhibition. February 2018. Curator: Sara Raman Shor.

  • Mingei International Museum, San Diego.
    "Worn Again" dress, "Israel 70 years of Craft & Design" exhibition. April 2018.
    Curator: Smadar Samson.

  • Israel Museum, Jerusalem. "City Growth"garment. 
    June 2018. Curator: Tamara Yovel Jones.

  • Fresh Paint Art Fair, Velodrome Tel Aviv. 12 textile paintings, still Life series (new interpretation to "Dutch Golden Age" paintings). Artists' Greenhouse 2021. Curators: Raz Shapira and Yifat Gurion.

  • Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel. Tokyo Coat in pink and Tokyo Coat in black ( City Growth collection), Biennale of Art and Design. 2023. Curators: Nir Harmat, Tomer Sapir, Henrietta Eliezer Brunner.

Fashion Weeks

  • Tel Aviv Fashion week March 2018. 

  • Vietnam International Fashion Week April 2018.

  •  Fashion Show and Piano Concert, Museum De Reede, Antwerp, Belgium.  February 2020.